Founding Patron:
Sir Peter Pears

Honorary Patrons:
Steuart Bedford, Christopher Newton, C.M., Catherine Robbin, O.C.

Artistic Directors:
Stephen Ralls, C.M., and Bruce Ubukata, C.M.

Board Of Directors:
Patsy Anderson (Chair), C.M.
Alice Adelkind
Suzanne Bradshaw, C.M.
Sally Holton
Christopher Kelly
Che Anne Loewen
Justin Young

Emeritus Directors:
Carol Anderson, R.L.T.Baillie (President), Christopher Bunting, Rosemary Dover,
Michael Gough (President), John Lawson, Maja Lutkins, Jim MacDougall,
Jim Norcop, Iain Scott, Janet Stubbs, Fran├žoise Sutton